WILLIAM PINT and FELICIA DALE – Blue Divide (Waterbug Records WBG109)

Pind and Dale Folk Album review


Having performed ‘folk’ music for over thirty years, I’ve only in the (perhaps) past two or three years truly appreciated the full worth of a good sea shanty with all its lustiness and let’s face it joy that it brings to its potential audience.

Bellowhead, Chris Ricketts and Kimber’s Men have steered my thoughts to this recently, and now we can add to that canon the USA based (who also tour the UK) William Pint and Felicia Dale with their excellent new release “Blue Divide”.

With a slight departure from their usual recordings, the duo have ‘pushed the boat out’…sorry about that…and include the services of Dan Mohler (bass guitar), T J Morris (drums), Jay Kenny (keyboards), Tania Opland (fiddle) and Sue Tinney (vocals) to create a full-on folk-rock band sound.

With the more than capable hands of Patrick Strole in the production chair (also electric guitar & percussion) they have made a good fist of the songs which include; “Whiskey Is The Life Of Man”, “Lowlands”, Windy Weather” and their own “Shanghai Passage”.

Personally speaking I can’t recommend the CD highly enough whether you’re a land-lubber or not!