UP IN THE AIR – Moonshine (JYM003)

Up In The Air album review


I was really looking forward to this recording by Up In The Air when it landed on my doorstep.

Ah ha I contemplated, now here’s a Scottish trio with real pedigree especially as Old Blind Dogs fiddler/guitarist Jonny Hardie and percussionist /guitarist Davy Cattanach along with Gavin Marwick on fiddle (ex-The Iron Horse) have combined to create the trio Up In The Air.

With expectations running high I thought…wrongly as it transpires…that there would be dynamic, energetic sets of tunes and spirited vocals but unfortunately I found the whole thing rather pedestrian.

I can’t put everything down to age but these days I do like my music with a bit of clout in place of which here we get a serious dose of melancholia.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the performance it’s just that it all sounds very ‘laid back’ or ‘chilled’ for any youngsters reading this review.

Mind you, I did enjoy the Cattanach penned track “Today” with it’s pizzicato strings, finger-picked guitar and gently pulsating rhythm that sounded as if it had somehow escaped from Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album but in general I can’t say I felt particularly inspired.  WEBSITE


Gavin Marwick