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Traditional Midi Files for Free Download

Traditional Midi files

Traditional MIDI Files

Over the years Traditional Midi Files have been an invaluable source for discovering and learning traditional tunes.

If you have the ability to learn tunes ‘by ear’ or just need a little help with reading standard notation midi files are extremely useful.





There are a vast number of tunes available in MIDI format and we have tried to include as many as we can. If you are familiar with the use of this format you will know that with the right software you can edit the material. Most things are possible to edit.

Playing speed and the key of the tune can be altered to enable you to learn the note and patterns. You will find that most of the tunes we have here are set up as a piano sound and played at a slow pace. Of course it’s useful to be able to alter the instrument setting to match your requirements.

Before the Folkrise website was even thought of, our archive of Traditional MIDI files had grown to a large collection. The quality has been filtered to present the best of what is available for free on the internet. The range of traditional tunes includes Jigs, Reels, Polkas, Waltzes, Hornpipes, Rants and even a small section of French tunes.

Free MIDI Files

All the files are FREE to download for research and learning purposes. As so they are ‘as is’ and we suggest that they are treated as such. We are unable to promise complete accuracy when compared to sheet music but hey – they are free.

The first section available contains a huge number of Traditional Midi Files for Jigs from around the UK. Some with be familiar, others a delight to discover. Have fun..

The popularity of Reels means that we also have a very large selection on here. The coverage includes tunes from all parts of the UK and Ireland. Particularly favoured in Irish Sessions with fiddle players, perhaps not so popular with D/G Melodeon players like myself who cannot play in the key of A… 🙂

For those of you who are interested in recording and MIDI editing, it’s worth taking a look at Acoustica Mixcraft – Digital Audio Workstation.

Traditional MIDI Files

All of the tunes downloads, will work well on a range of devices such as PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Phones