The Changing Room – A River Runs Between

The Changing Room album review

The Changing Room

The band is gathered around the talents of Cornwall based singer-songwriter Tanya Brittain and vocalist/ musician Sam Kelly.

I’m always delighted to receive a CD for review that contains ‘proper’ folk music and from the first track ‘A River Runs Between’, I knew that I was in for a treat.

The track is about landing the fish at the docks in Looe, Cornwall which will always get a high score from me because East Looe and West Looe is one of my favourite destinations in Cornwall.

The second track ‘Deep Beneath The Sea’ features the outstanding vocal skills of Tanya with a great lyric and strong harmonies. The song is about the respect which sailors have for the power of the sea and could almost be a ‘mermaid’ songs, well worth listening closely.

The Changing Room lineup on this EP includes additional musicians Jenifer Crook, Ryan Jones, Ross Rothero-Bourge, Gareth Young and Polperro Fishermen’s Choir.

I seem to be getting an increase in marvellous maritime music being sent in for review, it’s only a few weeks since we had a CD from the Fishwives Choir. I feel a seafaring special for the Folkrise Show on the horizon.

A word of praise for something which is not related to your enjoyment of the EP – the press information. The flyer that came with the music is very professional with crisp short information, pictures of the band and loads of links to internet related sites. There was also a covering letter from Tanya which was also a nice touch. An example which should be followed by all artists and PR companies. Many thanks.

The only issue which I have with The Changing Room EP is, I want to hear more of their music – three tracks is a great taster, and I’ll look forward to the main course when the full album is released.

Alan Morley