Spoil The Dance : Northern Common

Spoil The Dance album review

Spoil The Dance

This Sheffield based band consists of Gaynor Brook, Sally Gay, Charlie Smallwood and Steve Brook. They have been playing together for quite a while but have only just got around to recording tracks for a CD.

The first impression is that there are some well crafted offerings of song and tunes, of the twelve tracks on the album six are traditional and six contemporary. They have a nice blend of voices and instruments with good arrangements. I’m not sure if they have produced this promo CD by themselves but if they did they have made a competent job of it, however it could possibly benefit with a sprinkling of ‘fairy dust’ to sharpen the sound and lift the dynamics of the recording.

Yes I know I’m getting picky but I try to offer an opinion which I hope will be constructive and accepted in the manner intended.

From what I can hear, the quartet has laid down strong foundations with thoughtful vocal and instrument interpretations of the material. I have attempted to gather a little more information regarding gigs and find out what they have been up to but at the time of writing, their website address just redirects to their Facebook page. There is not a lot more I can tell you then….

Certainly a band to look out for and should fit nicely with folk clubs and festival fringe bookings. I can imagine that with some concentration and a few more appearances under their belt, the band will blossom into solid, tight unit. Spoil The Dance have laid down a marker with the launch of this CD ‘ Northern Common‘ and are in a strong position to move forward in any direction they commit to.

Alan Morley