PHIL BEER – Box Set One

Phil Beer album review


Do you think it is just coincidence or do you suppose that music teachers of a certain period (the late 1960’s) used to spread the word that they should teach the kids about the Second World War via the media of song.

Whatever it was, Phil Beer much like myself had an enthusiastic master who would help steer us both towards a certain kind of ‘folk’ music that still leaves its indelible mark today as can be witnessed on the opening track and if he doesn’t mind me saying, the spoken word at the end of the set “I Wore A Tunic” sounds very much like those of the sadly departed storyteller Oliver Postgate.

For those unaware or who had forgotten life before Show Of Hands, this chronological trawl through his past brings back many happy memories and will prove just as exhilarating to us old folkies as I’m sure it did for him compiling them.

In a varied career that has seen him either in a solo capacity or accompanied in a duo format to the energetic band that ‘was’ the Arizona Smoke Review, Phil has established a niche for himself within popular cultural music in all its guises and encompasses an ever growing legion of fans.

For those that want to wallow in indulgence or for those experiencing this troubadour for the first time this box set…the first of several by the sound of it…will act as both a calling card and testament to his on going creativity. On top of that he’s a really nice bloke…we salute you sir!