MARIE FIELDING – An Tra (Rumford Records RUMFORDCD02)

Marie Fielding album review


This album opens very promisingly with a glissando like waterfall of musical notes on “Tuttle’s Reels” courtesy of Marie Fielding (fiddle), Torr Orr (accordion) and Donogh Hennessy on guitar and if you like that kind of thing (and I do) it’s a great starter.

The performance from the trio very much takes me back to the early recordings of Capercaillie particularly when they were ‘acoustically’ based around Donald Shaw, Charlie McKerron and Shaun Craig.

Being a generous recording with loads of great tunes including the seductive “Laura’s Tune” penned by Marie herself a stand-out track for me is the beguiling “Raglan Road” performed by guest vocalist Pauline Scanlon. If I never hear another version of this song I’ll have died a happy man.

Other guests contributing their strategically placed services are Matt Griffin (guitar), Michael Herlihy (accordion), Trevor Hutchinson (double bass), Dessi Kelliher (banjo), Damien Mullane (accordion) and Jeremy Spencer (fiddle) adding that extra sparkle to what is a quality album.

This record will be refreshing to the lay man or, just as much prove an invaluable reference for fiddle players seeking new tunes.

On a final note, congratulations to Donogh Hennessy for his superbly creative skills as producer, mixer, recording engineer and instrumentalist bringing to mind the glory days of a certain Donal Lunny. WEBSITE