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Folk Music CDs

Folk Music CDs

Folk Music CD’s for sale, direct from the artists themselves.

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The Folkrise website has always tried to support and promote UK Folk Music Artists but now it really matters.

With the world gripped by CORVID-19,  pubs, clubs and festivals have been shut down or cancelled – as you will all know. This has of course had a devastating effect on everyone involved but in particular artists who rely on performing at events for their livelihood.

The Folk Music family should support the talents of singers and musicians who share their gifts with folk  music fans. They delight and entertain people like you and me so royally.

Buy a Folk Music CD

The albums listed here have been added to the Folkrise website at no cost to the performers.
Please show your support by ordering some amazing music from your favourite performers.  So you can help in some small way, to insure their future on the folk scene. We would be lost without them.

In these days of ‘Downloads and Streaming’, I still think that you can’t beat owning a CD of your favourite music.

Apart from the songs and tunes, you can gain a lot of information and pleasure from all the effort that has gone into producing the artwork. Most contain sleeve notes and information about the artist and the tracks on the CD.

And, a CD always sounds better though your home HiFi System, turned up loud and shaking he walls 🙂 Your neighbours will love it too….

Alan Morley

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We have tried to keep this simple.

The easiest way to get your albums listed on here is for you to send us a link to your merchandising / sales page where you list the albums

From there, we can capture the image and link, change the image to the right size for the Folkrise website and include them in the gallery on this page.

Simple as that – there isn’t any catch.

Also, there is something you can do to help the website and fellow performers too.
Please include a link to this page
on your own website

Many thanks

Alan Morley