The Fishwives – Ocean Bound

Fishwives album review

The Fishwives

For those of you who don’t know the story of The Fishwives, you have really got to get the full account from their website.

Their original release was a single to raise funds and  support The Fishermen’s Mission charity and it created huge interest from the media and raised a load of cash.

To acknowledge all the effort that has been put into ‘Ocean Bound’ by the singers, musicians, composers and producers, I’d like to put aside the original intention of the recording for a while.

Whilst not totally forgetting that the CD supports a hugely important cause, I believe that it should be reviewed for it’s quality and content as you would any newly released album.

When I slipped the CD into the player, the first track  ‘A Sailor’s Lot was a revelation and set the standard for the rest of the offering. Composer, producer and musician Phil Da Costa has worked some magic and come up with an extraordinary progression of quality and presentation. The Fishwives are now proper recording artists.

As stated a couple of paragraphs back the CD should be reviewed like any other in my opinion and I must say that I’m delighted for everyone who has been involved.

The vocalists have nailed it and all the musicians have made a huge contribution to the tracks. The songwriting is spot on and appropriate for the project, plus the production cannot be faulted. It’s a bonus that the lyric for each song is included on the accompanying insert with the CD.

It’s not often that I will listen to an album all the way through then press the play button for a second go. This offering by The Fishwives warranted more time to appreciate the music and arrangements. You might gather that I liked what I was hearing (nearly typed herring…)

For some time there has been a campaign to get some folk music into the top ten of the music charts, it would be deserving to see The Fishwives crack it.

Alan Morley