David Swann – Time and Tide

David Swann album reviewDavid Swann

For people who have not come across David Swan on visits to clubs and festivals, here’s a quick introduction from his website.

“David Swann is a singer and songwriter from Ryedale in North Yorkshire. He writes songs about the people, places and history of his native county as well as songs about love lost and found.”

I had been looking forward to hearing the new offering from David Swann because I had been most impressed with the quality of his previous CD – ‘Woven Through Herringbone’. The new CD ‘ Time and Tide’ carries on where David left off.

The album follow the formula which I have come to expect from David in as much as he continues to write personal and powerful lyric and melodies which are influenced heavily by his locality close to the North Yorkshire coast. The area is steeped with history and great stories and settings which have obviously inspired the music.

It’s difficult to single out any ‘outstanding’ track because all ten which are on offer are top quality songs which are simply presented in a stripped back style with tender vocals and beautiful guitar accompaniment by David.

When I put together the UK Folk Music Radio Show at the start of May 2015, I had to choose one track to feature in the show. The song which I selected is the second offering on the CD – ‘Light A Candle‘.

David is able to construct great lyrics which are looking at life from the perspective of a fisherman’s wife waiting for the return of her man.

This song is an excellent example of songwriting skills and deserved to be taken up and recorded by one of the superb female singers who are on the folk scene at the moment.

I’m re-listening the CD as I write the review and discovering little twists in the lyrics and tune which I missed on my first quick visit. If you get the chance to catch up with David Swann at a club or festival, you’ll enjoy his songs which will be presented exactly as you heard on the album.

In conclusion, I must say how much I enjoy David’s recordings and suggest that you check out ‘Time and Tide’, you will not be disappointed.  WEBSITE

Alan Morley