Ange Hardy – The Lament of The Black Sheep

Ange Hardy album review

Ange Hardy

I had been looking forward to receiving this album from Ange Hardy, as it was the long anticipated follow up to her last excellent CD – ‘Bare Foot Folk’.

The previous offering was so good, that I thought that it would be difficult to follow. I’m delighted to report that she has managed to come up with a little gem of a recording with ‘The Lament of The Black Sheep’.

It’s always difficult to review Ange Hardy, because there is usually some point of reference which you can use as an comparison of what an artist sounds like. In this case she sounds like, well Ange Hardy….

Every now and again you come across a songwriter who has the gift of being able to produce songs which sound like they have been discovered in a book of songs from years ago, dusted down and reinterpreted. Ange has the rare ability to be able to write convincingly in a ‘traditional’ style which sounds genuinely  authentic.

To complete the magic, she sings with conviction and sensitivity with stunning harmonies which she can actually reproduce in a live concert. Using ‘looping’ pedals, she sings a line – plays it back adds another and another and the end result is magnificent.

The Lament of The Black Sheep is an album that you need to sit and listen to very carefully to fully appreciate the wordcraft and melody structure of the songs.

The songwriting skills are complimented by well thought out arrangements and shade of light and dark to bring out the impact of the lyrics.

Additional musicians make a massive but subtle contribution to the album, and Ange has roped in some excellent talent to appear on certain tracks.

James Findlay | Lukas Drinkwater | Jon Dyer | Alex Cumming | Jo May

This review has perhaps arrives a little late as I have had the CD for over a month. There has already been a stack of glowing appreciation showered on the recording, all which I can only agree with.

I really can’t wait for the next offering…

Alan Morley