ALISTAIR RUSSELL & CHRIS PARKINSON – A Glass And A Mile (Glade Recordings GLCD0113)

Folk music album review


A quick glance at the track listing on the latest album by the guitar and melodeon based duo Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson will evoke memories of the golden age of what I consider true ‘folk’ music.

Titles such as “Bridget O’Malley” (Silly Wizard), “The Flower Of Magherally” (Gordon Tyrrall) and “The Blarney Roses” (Tom McConville & Kieran Halpin) bring to mind a more enjoyable time when a respect of ‘traditional’ standards (which might now unfortunately be considered passé by an ever youthful scene) once held reign and personally speaking, to dismiss this kind of material would be missing the point.

So long as you treat the material with respect, much like allowing a good red wine to breathe and by not shying away from the tried and tested these songs and tunes will still be around for generations.

In the hands of Russell and Parkinson there are some sparkling performances particularly on the lively sets of tunes including old chestnuts “The Sligo Maid/Dusty Windowsills” and “Going To The Well For Water” which perhaps may not be deemed technically as ‘clever’ as some newly written traditional-style melodies…as general ‘audience pleasers’ they certainly are.

For those looking to rekindle their long lost youth and most importantly bring a smile to the face you’ve come to the right place.